Monday, February 18, 2008

Help a bunny Rescue! is running a 'contest' to award some rescues money to re-vamp their facilities. A member of Rabbits Online Forum is asking for help for Midwest Rabbit Rescue in Michigan. It is a no-kill rabbit shelter and we want to help them win some money to help the rabbits!

If you are willing to help out here's what you need to do!

Register at and sign up using the rescue's zip code (48170). Then have fun adding pictures, inviting people, reviewing your favorite or most hated pet products, and commenting on animal news articles!

Midwest is currently ranked number 36 with 177361 points, to get a makeover they need to be in the top 20. The number one shelter will get a million dollar make over, number two will get a 10,000 dollar make over and the other top eighteen will get a 5,000 dollar make over.

Please help us out! Even just signing up helps us help the bunnies!

Thanks everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting the word out :-)