Sunday, December 23, 2007

Lop Parade

Our star today is the lovely Lola (brown and white) along with several of her relatives.

This is Lola with her son, Charlie.

From left to right (I think) Here is Lola, Pepper and Amber


Rabbits' Guy said...

We want them all ... dang, we're full up. Where do they come from? Are all the bunnies there in the shelter? Yikes ... I hope they get good homes.

Katie Driscoll said...

These rabbits are from the same home as Captain Jack Sparrow who I showed a while ago. If any rabbits are from shelters I'll mention it and hope it will help them find a good home :)

somebunny said...

Awww little Lola's sooo cute!! I think she's telling the photographer 'Come any closer with that contraption and you'll feel my wrath!!' :p