Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Contest

Here are all of our lovely contestants:

We have Cleo and Phinn!

Here we have the adorable Fred:

He we have the salty dog Macy:

The buzztacular Sophie and the lady-like Apollo:

The very manly and Halloween enthusiast Buttercup:

And the very angelic Cinnabun:

And our winners are (drumroll please)

First place and winner of a personalized salt dough bunny is the grumpy pumpkin Fred

Second place and winner of a premade salt dough bunny of their choice is Macy the scallywag

Third place and also the winner of a premade salt dough bunny of their choice is Bumblebun Sophie and Ladybun Apollo

With honorable mentions to the Angelic Cinnabun, Cleo and Phinn, and the enthusiastic Buttercup!

Thank you everyone for your entries and stay tunned for the next episode! For those of you who have won prizes please contact me (either through tundrakatiebean@gmail.com or comment here) with what you would like as your prize. There is a list of available salt dough bunnies here: http://www.tundrakatiebean.com-a.googlepages.com/fundraiserpictures

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