Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sad Week

These were set to go up tomorrow, but I bumped them to an extra today as a memorial to Pebble. She passed away this morning from what was suspected to be digestive problems. Pebble (white) is pictured here with her bonded buddy Ebony (black). The origional trio was Pebble, Berri, and Ebony. Berri passed away due to a diffuclty placed abcess, and now Pebble has passed away. I send all the best wishes and good vibes to Michaela and her family in such a difficult time. I send love and lots of bunny kisses to Ebony to try and help her go on to the next day and keep loving her Mama. Binky Free Pebble, you were a beautiful and much loved rabbit, we will miss you.


Ali A said...

RIP Baby Girl

Michaela said...

Binky free Pebble baby...I miss you so so much :(