Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Loss

Another bunny has passed on. This is Herman. He's an English Lop and he was a very sweet boy who would give his mom kisses in hopes of craisins. He was full of character and life and he will be dearly missed. Here's what his mom said about what happened.

"today, this morning, i called into work because i was feeling extremely ill. herman was feeling worse. within hours of me realizing he was ill, he started have seizures and passed away before i could even get him to the vet.i have decided not to take his body to the vet. . . i just can't bear to have that done. i personaly wouldn't have it done to my body, and therefore can't justify doing it to his. my mom just came and picked him up to bury him at the farmhouse just now.to my amazment, winnie is fine. she almost seems reliefed that he is gone, which makes me think that he was really sick, and that she knew it.it just hurts soo much, i can't even breath. it feels like just yesterday he was running around the house begging for a craisin, and bringing a smile to my face, and now he is gone. my herman is gone. my heart, it is broken, and i am not sure it will ever be whole again.i just can't think, i can't breath. . . i can't coupe with this today, and wait for the pain to dull with time.please don't offer me prayers, or tell me herman is in heaven waiting for me, because i don't believe in heaven. instead, go to your bunnies, and give them a huge for me, because i can't hug my herman ever again. enjoy them today, in this moment, because time is so fragile and you never know when they will be gone."

Rest in Peace Herman

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